Frequently Asked Questions?


  • GOGETMEIT (GGM) is trusted local tradsman service, which has been set up to help local businesses connect with communities in the area.
  • Customers can post any jobs that they need carrying out on our platform, as well as obtaining quotes and booking the service on the spot.


  • Any one requiring any kind of tradesman can use GOGETMEIT (GGM).
  • We want to help meet all of our customer’s needs.

Are The Traders Trusted?

  • Of course! We make every effort to ensure every trader registered with us has a valid insurance document and a reference for previous jobs.
  • We strive to ensure they’re fully accredited, with relevant health and safety documents, and the ability to carry out tasks to the highest standard.

What happens after I post a job?

  • After you’ve posted your job, our system will allocate a trusted local tradesmen to carry it out on the time and date that you’ve specified
  • it’s as simple as that! You won’t need to negotiate, or go through the tricky business of choosing a tradesman.
  • We’ll send a trusted professional right to your doorstep to make the entire process simple for you.

How do I pay for jobs?

  • You can pay the tradesman directly for the job after it’s been completed.
  • you can pre-arrange the method with the tradesman between yourselves.

What should I include in my job posting?

  • We only require details of the job that needs to be carried out – nothing more.
  • Don’t worry about writing lengthy descriptions or sourcing the measurements of your property, let us do all the hard work!
  • The only circumstance where you might need more information is if you’re seeking a quote from a tradesman – in this case, it pays to include as much information as possible.

How do you define ‘local’?

  • On signing up, all tradesmen working with us establish how far they’d be willing to travel for a job – so ‘local’ can vary.
  • Some might specify they want all jobs to be within a five mile radius, while others might be willing to travel up to 20 miles, increasing their chances of winning work.